We attended a convention at Bayou Barn this past summer.  The food was excellent. We enjoyed a whole Pig roast (which was the highlight of the affair) as well as grilled chicken and a shrimp pasta dish that was wonderful. Around the middle of the event, they brought out this white chocolate bread pudding that was so amazing it made you want to beg for the recipe.  The gardens and decor really made for a great Cajun experience. They are right on the water and we saw quite a few alligators!!! The staff was cheerful and they kept our table neat and clean. This is definitely a place I would keep in mind for any party venue!  Thanks, Karen T, YPO/WPO

- Karen T.

My wife and I discovered Bayou Barn many years ago. As others have said, it was a very fun place to visit – we spent a Sunday afternoon there for the fais-do-do, ate some crawdads, had fun with the locals, and came back the next day and rented a canoe to go paddling down the swamp.

- Jr.

Lonely Planet Rates Bayou Barn #3 out of 124 things to do in South Louisiana Below New Orleans, the Mississippi River flows 90 miles to the bird’s-foot-shaped delta, where river pilots board ships entering from the Gulf. The 20,000-acre Barataria Preserve, a unit of southern Louisiana’s Jean Lafitte National Historic Park, offers hiking and canoe trips into the swamp. It’s a good introduction to the wetlands environment. Though not a pristine wilderness, as canals and other structures offer evidence of human activity, wild animals and plants are still abundant. Even a brief walk on the boardwalks that wend their way through the swamp will yield sightings of gators and egrets. Ranger-led walks along the Bayou Coquille Trail are offered daily at 2pm. Other activities, which require reservations, include guided canoe treks on Saturday mornings and on evenings during a full moon. Bayou Barn, a rustic shack on the Bayou de Familles just outside the Barataria Preserve, has a large supply of canoes for hire. It’s also a tasty restaurant with a fun Cajun dance pavilion.

- Lonely Planet

This is the only place to rent canoes around the Jean Lafitte National Historical Park area. It is advisable to talk to the park ranger first and find out what areas are accessible or if heavy vegetation might be clogging the bayou. The canoe was $40. On our canoe trip we were able to see the Jean Lafitte National Park and lots of wildlife: 7 egrets, 5 alligators, 1 racoon, 4 wood ducks, and lots of birds. Very fun!!

- Jase K.

We visited new orleans rode out to the swamp to go canoeing in the Jean Lafitte National Historical Park. We rented a canoe from Bayou Barn. They have their own launch so we did not have to shuttle the canoe and the staff was very helpful by supplying us with a map, paddles, water and bug spray…everything we needed for our day trip. This is a real swamp! we saw lots of wild life including alligators, egrets, turtles, cranes, birds, snakes, nutria and several fish species up close. The Bayous are small and overhung with trees, but easy to navigate with the map and we did not get lost. the scenery is actually quite beautiful and we would love to return in the winter when the water vegetation clears.

- Anonymous

OMG! We had an unbelievable party out there at the Bayou Barn. It is a giant building, that opens up to nature, with a big stage, and lots of cool decor, gator skulls, turtles, and more. There are neat primitive signs saying “don’t feed the gators” with a visual that will make you NOT want to feed the gators… LOL.  The food was awesome!! My friends can’t stop talking about the crawfish and alligators.

- Riverside High School Band

Head out to Bayou Barn for a wonderful day on the bayou. You can rent a canoe for about $20 a head without a guide into the swamps. It’s safe, you’re in an area that you can’t get lost in. Don’t be afraid, they keep the big guys well fed at the other end of the swamp. On Sunday, they have Cajun live music and a buffet. The food is better than average and the gators literally come out for dinner nightly. Always call this place before you head out, to make sure you can get a canoe. It’s literally only about 20 minutes from New Orleans.

- Carl

The Bayou Barn is a great, fun, very affordable place … They don’t open for live music every night, but they do lots of specialty shows.  most recently I went to a fundraiser for a bourbon street musician who passed away… the Bayou Barn donated the facility and food then  about 12 bands got together to raise money for awareness. All Cajun, blues, zydeco, all day long.  Bbq, burgers, jambalaya, beer, drinks, and more. raffles, and more. The food and music was so awesome, and the folks who work there? just so nice. Thanks so much

- Mary C.

My wife and I had a lovely afternoon at the Bayou Barn attending their weekly Fais Do Do, a Sunday dance with Cajun Zydeco Music. My wife blushed her way through two-steppin’ with all the old men in attendance as their wives and I laughted about it. The food was good, but the best part was listening to the music and interacting with some good folks.

- Drew