Holds and Deposits

Private event booking dates can be reserved as a HOLD tentatively during non-peak days. Tentative holds are ordered as placed (i.e. first hold, second hold, etc). However, Bayou Barn cannot guarantee any hold without a deposit. With a first hold, a conflicting commitment for the facility will not be made in favor of a second hold without offering the first hold an opportunity to either execute a contract agreement or release its reservation. The initial holder of the date will be notified and given 24 hours to sign a contract and pay a deposit. If this “challenge” is not met, the date will be relinquished to the “challenging” party and the “challenging” party will be required to sign a contract and pay the required deposit immediately.

All deposits, regardless of the reason, are considered non-refundable and will be credited as initial payments toward your event. Once a deposit has been placed, Bayou Barn is holding a date and time reserved for your private event.  We will be turning other business away so no one else will be allowed to book that date and time. Should you cancel we will suffer certain damages. Therefore, all deposits are non-refundable and considered advanced payment toward your event.

Due to high demand Bayou Barn is not able to hold dates during peak season dates without a deposit.


NOTE:  No alcohol or beer in any form can be brought onto our premises from outside sources due to Louisiana ATC Liquor regulations. Bayou Barn holds a current Restaurant and Liquor license as well as a Jefferson Parish Alcohol Permit.  Our servers have been trained using ServSafe practices.

Bayou Barn is the only on-site caterer for our facility. Under special circumstances, Bayou Barn has allowed outside professional caterers or pop-up food handlers to operate on our premises. All food vendors must be pre-approved. Caterers must submit an application along with a valid occupational license and insurance certificate which names Bayou Barn 30 days in advance of the event. Caterers must agree to sign our Food Vendor waiver.  All foods must be held to the NSF food handler safety standards There is no cooking with open flame or boiling allowed on-site. Absolutely NO alcohol or beer is allowed from outside sources. The facility rental fee and cleaning fee should be paid 7 days in advance. There is refundable damage deposit paid separately.