New Orleans: Fais Do Do

The fais-do-do is held at Bayou Barn, a giant barn in the suburbs of New Orleans, LA on the bayou.  There was a cool Zydeco band playing and they had a washboard playing contest. The food was totally amazing!!  They had a whole pig roast which they called “Cochon de Lait”. The pig came out of this totally amazing homemade cooker that you have to turn by hand.  It was a whole pig with the head and feet still on!  The meat of the cochon de lait was sweet and succulent. It may have been my favorite thing on the menu.

There was also boiled shrimp, potatoes and corn, gumbo, bread and jambalaya on the main buffet. The spices had plenty of time to soak into the shrimp, so it was very flavorful. There were boiled crawfish, which were tender and delicious.  I had the most fun throwing the live ones to the gators that lurked at water’s edge, waiting for a handout, no pun intended.  I tried some specialty drinks they had there.  One called “swamp juice” is made from lots of alcohol, orange juice, pineapple juice, and I swear to God, snowball syrup. As the buses drove us back through the dark swamps, I was grateful I didn’t discover the swamp juice until the very end of the night. Overall, this was one of the best experiences I’ve had in New Orleans.  We will be coming back again.  Thanks Bayou Barn!